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    Quality Assurance

    1. ?The Quality Policy:

    ? ? ?Quality First, Customer Satisfaction, Advanced Manufacturing, Innovative Development

    2. ?Established and improved quality management organization and quality responsibilities at each level

    ? ??a. Quality management accountability: The general manager is first responsible for quality assurance, management representatives are responsible for the establishment of the sound quality management system; QA is the main department of the quality management system; each department and workshop is in charge of the quality for corresponding process and product warranty.

    ? ? b. Quality Management Organizational Chart

    3. The established quality management system and regulation:

    ? ? a. We established a quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 standards, and have passed ISO9001 international standard quality management system certification since April 2007.

    ? ? b. The company has QC department, equipped with imported advanced analysis equipment of HPLC and HPGC, analytical tests from raw materials entry, production control, product ex-factory; the whole process has recorded integral scientific program files.

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